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A Vibrant Learning Environment

Hello Future Educators,

Welcome to Chanchal Teachers Training College, your gateway to excellence in education. We offer B.Ed and D.El.Ed courses, recognized by NCTE and affiliated with BSAEU & WBBPE, under the Government of West Bengal.

Our college is renowned in Malda, Uttar Banga, and West Bengal for its commitment to shaping outstanding teachers. We provide holistic training in a student-friendly campus, ensuring a hassle-free learning environment.

Expect top-notch guidance from our expert faculty, coupled with modern study materials to equip you for the noble profession of teaching. Join us to craft your own bright future.

Choose Chanchal Teachers Training College, where your teaching journey begins.

Name of the Registered Trust:

Uttar Banga Educational & Social Welfare Trust

Welcome to Chanchal Teachers Training College, a proud initiative of the Uttar Banga Educational & Social Welfare Trust, nestled in the vibrant locale of Akankha, NH-81, Sunny Park, Chanchal, Malda District.

Our mission is clear and dynamic: to kindle the flame of education, particularly among minority, OBC, and SC/ST communities. But we're not stopping at education; we're on a mission to drive positive social change.

Our dedicated members are actively engaged in vital health awareness campaigns, addressing low institutional delivery rates, and dispelling outdated superstitions surrounding healthcare access.

Beyond health, we're champions of AIDS awareness, family planning, and community unity through exhilarating local youth activities.

Join us at the Uttar Banga Educational & Social Welfare Trust in crafting a brighter and more harmonious future for all.

Name and Designation of Managing Committee of the College:

1.  Dr. Parvej Alam – President

2.  Chandan Samanta – Vice President

3.  Asfaque Alam – Secretary

4.  Sarfaraj Alam Neil – Assistant Secretary

5.  Nur Alam – Treasurer

6.  Masum Karima - Member

7.  Renuka Samanta - Member 

8.  Dharmadhar Samanta – Member

9. Jogadya Prasad Samanta - Member

Justification for a New College and its Viability

In the densely populated Malda District, the shortage of B.Ed & D.El.Ed Colleges is limiting educational opportunities. Chanchal Sub-Division, home to 18 lakh residents, faces a critical shortage of such institutions. Every year, around 2000 graduates from Chanchal and neighboring areas are forced to seek teacher training elsewhere, incurring significant expenses.

To address this challenge, we propose the establishment of a B.Ed & D.El.Ed College in Chanchal. This initiative aims to make teacher training accessible to local youth, particularly benefiting minority, Scheduled Caste, and Scheduled Tribe communities.

The chosen college site offers a peaceful environment with essential amenities like clean water and electricity. Located 4 km from Chanchal's main town on NH 81, it provides excellent connectivity and is accessible from NH 34 via Gazole. Nearby railway stations, Samsi (16 km) and Harischandrapur (11 km), further enhance accessibility for students from surrounding areas, including Chanchal-I, Chanchal-II, Harischandrapur-I, Harischandrapur-II, and Ratua blocks.

Additionally, students from Uttar Dinajpur District and Bihar State can benefit from this institution. The Uttar Banga Educational & Social Welfare Trust is actively working to establish this college, seeking recognition from ERC, NCTE, with an intake capacity of 100 students in each respective course. This endeavor promises to bridge the education gap and empower aspiring teachers in the region.

Other Relevant Information

The dedicated members of the organizing committee at Chanchal Teachers Training College are committed to promoting higher education with a focus on fostering students' moral character development, aiming to cultivate responsible and ethical citizens.

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